Trustee - 341 Meeting of Creditors Held (No Show-Dismiss Party)

Rev. 09/30/14


Step 1     Click on Bankruptcy on the CM/ECF Menu Bar or place the mouse on Bankruptcy on the CM/ECF Menu Bar to receive the cascading menu selections.

Step 2     Select Multi-Case Docketing

Step 3      The Case Number screen displays, Enter the correct case number (yy-nnnn), Click on Find This Case or Click [Next]

Step 4     The Multi Case Docketing screen displays, Click in the drop down box or type in the blank box above the available events to locate and select the appropriate event

                 Meeting of Creditors Held (No Show-Dismiss Party)

                 Click [Next]

Step 5     A reminder screen will display stating that cases entered must have the same party that did not show (e.g. all cases where debtor did not show, all cases for Joint Debtor that did not show, all cases when both debtor and joint debtor did not show)
                 Click [Next]

Step 6     Click on the down arrow to select the party who did not show, Click [Next]

Step 7    An Objection Deadline screen displays.  The due date is automatically calculated to be 22 days from the filing date.  Two days are added to allow for BNC noticing.  Objection Date displays in the box

                Click [Next]

Step 8     An information screen displays, Click [Next]

Step 9     The Final Text screen displays, Click [Next]

Step 10   The Notice of Electronic Filing screen displays