Rule 9002-1 Self-Scheduling - Contested Matters.

(a)     Filing a Self-Scheduling Motion.  When a motion is filed using self-scheduling the electronic filer shall use the Courtroom Hearing Scheduler ("CHS").

(b)     Response and Hearing Dates.  CHS will set a response date for the motion. CHS will also provide a list of available hearing dates at court locations. The electronic filer will select a hearing date from the list.

(c)     Notice of Response and Hearing Dates.  A notice containing the response date as well a hearing location and date will be noticed by the clerk’s office through the Bankruptcy Noticing Center.

(d)     Service of the Self-Scheduled Motion.  The electronic filer shall serve the motion in the manner provided in L.B.R. 9013-1(c) and file a certificate of service pursuant to L.B.R. 9013-3. The certificate of service shall be filed within seven (7) days of the filing of the motion.

(e)     A movant seeking relief from the automatic stay who chooses to self-schedule the hearing will be deemed to have waived the 30-day hearing requirement contained in 11 U.S.C. § 362(e) and the automatic stay will remain in effect pending further order of the court.

Part IX - General Provisions