Rule 3001-1 Claims and Equity Security Interests - General.

(a)     Proof of Claim - Contents.  Any proof of claim filed must substantially comply with the Official Form and F.R.B.P. 3001.

(b)     Proof of Claim - Service.  In a chapter 7 asset case, a chapter 12 case, or a chapter 13 case, a claimant must serve a copy of its proof of claim, with all attachments, on a pro se debtor.

COMMENTS: L.B.R. 3001-1 was amended effective December 1, 2011 to avoid repetition of the provisions of F.R.B.P. 3001 and to incorporate the requirements of F.R.B.P. 3001(c) for proofs of claim filed in individual debtor cases.

Part III - Claims and Distribution to Creditors and Equity Interest Holders; Plans