Reports Menu - Calendar Events Report

Rev. 09/30/14

STEP 1     Click on Reports on the CM/ECF Main Menu Bar or place the mouse on Reports on the CM/ECF Menu Bar to receive the cascading menu selections.

STEP 2     Select Calendar Events, the calendar events screen displays

STEP 3     Enter the desired selection criteria.  Selections can be made by case number, Judge, divisional office, date, time and by specific schedule event types.

                  More than one selection can be made within each pick list by depressing and holding [Ctrl] key while clicking on each selection with the mouse.

                  Reports can be sorted by time or by office and time from a Sort by selection box.

STEP 4    Verify your selections and click on the [Run Report] button.

                 A Calendar Report will be generated and displayed.

                The Calendar Report is a listing of all matters set for hearing based on the criteria filled in on the Calendar Events screen.

                This Calendar Report is not the official Court calendar.  A copy of the official Court calendar can be retrieved from the Court's website (

                Clicking on the case number hyperlink on the Report will display Query.

                Clicking on the Query screen will give you the requested information and display PACER Service Center Transaction Receipt.

                Clicking on the Silver Bullet will show you items pertaining to the matter on the calendar.