A. Filing

1.  Filing Users shall file electronically all petitions, motions, pleadings, briefs, memoranda of law, proofs of claim, or other documents required to be filed with the Court in connection with a case. Pursuant to Miscellaneous Order 5:04-mp-50007, if a filing deadline for a pleading is fixed it must be completed before midnight local time in order to be considered filed that day.

2.  The Clerk’s Office shall not maintain a paper court file in any case assigned to the Electronic Filing System except as otherwise provided in Paragraph III.B. and as required by the National Archives and Records Administration regarding documents scanned by the Clerk’s Office. The official court record shall be an electronic file maintained on the Court's server.

3.  Requests for expedited consideration or hearing shall be by motion. For cases assigned to Judge Van Eck, the movant shall also contact the Courtroom Deputy by e-mail as soon as possible after filing the item needing expedited treatment. Requests to cancel hearings because of settlements or withdrawals shall be by e-mail to the Courtroom Deputy and by also filing a Request to Remove from the Hearing/Trial List.

The e-mail address for cases assigned to Chief Judge Opel is:

and for cases assigned to Judge Thomas is:

and for cases assigned to Judge Van Eck is: