E. Orders Issued by the Court

1.  The Clerk’s Office will electronically file all signed orders and all notices.

2.  The Court may enter standard orders to grant or deny motions. Many orders will be in the form of a text-only docket entry "order," entered by court employees authorized to do so by the judge, which orders shall constitute the only Court order concerning the matter.

3.  Any order filed electronically without the original signature of a judge, but with the judge's electronic signature, has the same force and effect as if the judge had affixed the judge's signature to a paper copy of the order.

4.  Pursuant to Miscellaneous Order 5:04-mp-50007, upon entry of an order, the Clerk’s Office will transmit a Notice of Electronic Filing to Filing Users which constitutes notice as required by F.R.B.P. 9022 and will give notice to non-Filing Users in paper format.