A. Designation of Cases

Pursuant to Miscellaneous Order 5:05-mp-50007, all attorneys appearing in this Court must become “Filing Users” (i.e., hold a court-issued log-in to the Electronic Case Filing System and file documents only through the System as of April 1, 2006.) (Refer to notes at end of document marked “System”). Attorneys who are unable to file electronically may apply for an extension or waiver. Such requests shall be made by letter, addressed to the Clerk, showing good cause to file and serve pleadings in the traditional manner and setting forth why the attorney is unable to comply, what steps have been taken to comply and how long compliance will take. Requests will be determined by the Chief Judge or his designee. Counsel appearing pro hac vice shall, within ten (10) days of the order so admitting, register for electronic filing or comply with the waiver procedure described above, unless local counsel is a Filing User and will be responsible for filing all pleadings with the Court. Parties proceeding pro se shall not be required to file electronically. See Paragraph III.B.