C. Registration

1.  Each user desiring to file pleadings or other papers electronically must complete and sign either an Application for an Attorney or an Application for Limited User (consisting of Creditor and/or Law Firm, Auditor, Transcription Company or Personal Financial Management Providers ). Attorney users must either attend the necessary training required by the Court or complete the section on the top of the form “Attorney Access - Training Waived”. The Registration forms are available on the Court’s website (www.pamb.uscourts.gov) under “Court Info, Case Management/Electronic Case Filing, Electronic Filing - Registration”.

2.  Each signed original registration form must be scanned in and attached as a PDF document when registering through the Court’s website (www.pamb.uscourts.gov).

3.  To ensure that the Clerk's Office has the correct Filing User's Internet e-mail address in the System, upon certification of requirements stated in Paragraph I.C.1., the Clerk's Office will send the Filing User a login and password via e-mail.

4.  If any of the information on the Registration Form changes, e.g., mailing address, e-mail address, etc., the Filing User must update that information in the CM/ECF system. If an attorney is leaving his or her firm and some clients are remaining with the firm, the firm must file Substitutions of Counsel for those clients.

5.  If an employee of the Filing User leaves his employment, the Filing User must change his password. All Filing Users must install and update Anti-Viral software at all locations from which CM/ECF is accessed. All disks must be checked for viruses and worms before being submitted for filing.