B. Service (Miscellaneous Order 5:04-mp-50007 Applies)

1.  Whenever a pleading or other paper is filed electronically in accordance with these procedures, the System shall generate a "Notice of Electronic Filing" to the Filing User and any other Filing User who has requested electronic notice in that case. (Refer to notes at end of document marked “Filing User.”) If the recipient is a Filing User, the Clerk's Office e-mailing of the "Notice of Electronic Filing" shall be the equivalent of service of the pleading or other paper by first class mail, postage prepaid. Said Notice of Electronic Filing upon a Filing User shall constitute a Certificate of Service.

2.  Except as otherwise provided in II.B.1., a certificate of service on all parties entitled to service or notice is still required notwithstanding the filing of a document electronically. The certificate must state the name and address of the party served and the manner in which service was accomplished on each party so entitled. Sample language for a "Certificate of Service" is attached to these procedures as Form C.

3.  A party who is not a Filing User is entitled to a paper copy of any electronically filed pleading or paper. The filing party must therefore provide the non-registered party with the pleading or paper according to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure.

4.  A Filing User may request the discontinuation of service by electronic notice in a particular bankruptcy case or adversary proceeding by making the appropriate docket entry. Upon the Court's receipt of said request, the Filing User will be administratively terminated in said case for the purpose of receiving notices. With regard to the specific case or adversary proceeding, the Filing User will no longer receive a "Notice of Electronic Filing" from the System nor will they receive notice by first class mail. Sample language for a "Request to Discontinue Service of Notices" is attached to these procedures as Form D.