Rev. 09/30/14

Electronic Filing Steps

STEP 1    Click on Bankruptcy on the CM/ECF Menu Bar or place the mouse on Bankruptcy to receive the cascading menu selections

STEP 2   Select Answer/ Response Select  Reference an Existing Motion / Application or Other  Answer

STEP 3    The Case Number Screen displays.

                  Enter the case number, including the hyphen (YY-NNNNN)

                  Click on Find This Case or Click [Next].

                  Click in the dropdown box or type in the blank box above the Available Events to select Answer or Objection.

                  Click [Next]

STEP 4   Select the party filer at the Select the Party screen, add if not already in the case,  by clicking on  Add/Create

                Complete the party information screen, change the Role type, Click [Submit].

STEP 5   Click on Browse to attach the pdf file to your event.                

                See instructions for Attaching a PDF File

STEP 6   Select the Category to which your event relates.               

                Click [Next]

STEP 7   Select Appropriate Event to which your event relates.               

                 Check mark the correct box               

                Click [Next]

STEP 8   The Modify as Appropriate screen displays

                Click [Next]

STEP 9   The Final Docket Text Screen displays

STEP 10   The Notice of Electronic Filing Screen displays.