Amendments to the Petition/Matrix/Schedules

Rev. 09/30/14
The bankruptcy petition and bankruptcy forms and schedules may be amended at any time during the course of a bankruptcy.  The debtor shall give notice of the amendment(s) to the trustee and any entity affected thereby.  An amended petition cannot be filed to add a joint debtor or to change the chapter of the case.  When amending forms and schedules, a complete amended document with all information required by the form must be filed.  A fee is required to amend schedules D, E or F, except when there is an address change for a creditor listed on the original schedules or to add an attorney for a creditor listed on the original schedules.  A fee is charged for each amendment if filed separately.  

During the course of the bankruptcy, the creditor matrix may be amended to add or delete creditors.  Pursuant to Local Rule 1009-1 the attorney for the debtor (if one exists) is responsible for adding creditors to the CM/ECF database.  If CM/ECF will not allow you to add creditors to the database, the browser version you are using may not be compatible – see the CM/ECF FAQ list on how to process the creditors..  Also, pursuant to Local Rule 2002-1(d)(2) the attorney is responsible to serve the 341 notice on new creditors if the notice has already been sent. A fee is required to amend the creditor matrix.  

If amendments to schedules D, E, F and the creditor matrix are filed at the same time, one fee will be charged. 
Codes, Rules and Forms:
Bankruptcy Code: 521
Bankruptcy Rule: 1009
Local Rule: 1009-1; 2002-1(d)(2)
Local Form: None

CM/ECF Event(s):
            Miscellaneous, Amendment to Petition/Matrix/Schedules/Statements